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  • Success in college has very little to do with your high school GPA. Other factors, like your fit in and out of the classroom, are far more important to your success.

  • Most of college happens outside the classroom and apart from studying. It’s about really connecting with the people and place you choose. Troove helps you find that fit and make those connections so you can succeed.

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How it works: in detail


Take the Troove Quiz

Answer 15 minutes of questions about what’s most important to you in and out of the classroom



Generate Your Matches

Troove compares your answers to those of successful students and graduates so you’re matched with schools whose students share your values and priorities.


Explore Your Favorites

Now you can explore schools with knowledge and confidence! Talk to friends, family, and counselors about your options. Do more research and take some real or virtual tours.



Troove Other Schools

Once you’ve taken your Troove quiz, you can check back any time to update your information or – in just a few seconds – Troove any school that comes up and instantly know your Learning and Social fit.

Start The Troove Quiz

The Troove Difference

Troove is the first company to gather and use the predictive value of graduate and enrolled student experience. Who better to help you decide where you can succeed in and out of the classroom at any given school than the people who have already been successful?

Troove takes you from guessing to knowing. Sharing the same values, priorities and passions, as the people who have already embarked on the journey of  - learning, growing, and graduating.


Troove can only help you

Troove will ONLY ever share your Green fit information with schools. If you have a school you think you like that doesn't score Green, you will be the only one with that information. Troove will never communicate Yellow or Red fits to schools.



Troove helps you with the entire decision making process

This can be a long process, so once you've built your profile, you can come back any time and instantly check your fit for any school that might pop up along the way, whether it be suggested by friends, family, counselors, or just your own research.


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