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proven technology,
brand new data

The matching technology used by Troove – data driven and AI powered – has been in common use for years in disciplines from hiring, to performance management, to dating. Troove finally brings the full potential of this technology to higher education.

By custom screening your new prospects right out of the gate, you can eliminate wasteful, ineffective marketing spending, increase yields, cut down on student churn costs, and improve graduation and alumni engagement rates.

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turn alumni engagement into admissions success

Engaged graduates are your goal, so who better to look to when building your new classes? Troove’s system and technology are specifically designed to model the values and priorities of your alumni and enrolled students so we can compare their unique success markers to our highly diverse, national pool of prospects. This gives you the best chance to build the enduring, vibrant, diverse community you want.

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(Re)Start your process with pre-qualified leads

Imagine no longer needing to cast your own wide net for prospects. With Troove, you can begin your process by engaging with prospects not only predetermined to share the unique success markers of your community in and out of the classroom, but also to have demonstrated specific interest in your school. You can immediately shift your team from driving numbers into the top end of your funnel to engaging and enrolling only the prospects most likely to become your most engaged future alumni.


engage your graduates

Troove is also an incredible way to connect/reconnect with your alumni. Troove gives them an immediate, simple, yet highly effective way to connect with and support their school. In just a few minutes, and at no additional cost, alumni can share their experiences with Troove and know they are directly supporting the school by helping you to find the next generation of successful alumni. Let your past inform your future.

Break through old barriers

If you’re having trouble reaching past your traditional admissions markets and audiences, Troove is your solution. Our highly diverse, national applicant pool gives you immediate access to incredible new depth and reach. We filter our entire pool against the unique, alumni driven code we create with you to assure you receive the perfect blend of diversity, fit, and persistence, all with your community’s success markers.


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Troove partners with college admissions to pair students with their best fit schools based upon social, educational and alumni data. Interested in learning more about how Troove can help in the admissions process?