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Troove is a better way forward for college admissions and graduation success. It builds on the patterns of past success to help people and schools find future success. Hear the details from top thought leaders across higher education.

From The Troove Blog

2 min read

What in the world is fit?

It’s a buzzword we’ve heard time and time again. Who wouldn’t want to fill their class with students that are happy...

3 min read

Troove : Build Bigger, Better Classes

A new way to build your class with Troove.

3 steps to crush your enrollment goals

We’ve all been there: a list of...

Troove named to the top tech startups in VT by The Tech Tribune 2023

We at Troove feel honored to be recognized as one of the top tech startups in Burlington, VT, by The Tech Tribune,...

2 min read

(Not So) Happy 386th Birthday College Admissions

In 1637, the first college admissions officer sat down to read the first application ever submitted in what (139 years...

2 min read

Picking a College isn't Tinder, it's Marriage

For most young people, applying to college is like trying to get as many first dates as possible. “Looks good… is...

2 min read

Pools are for Applicants. Oceans are for Prospects.

Every year, there are at least 5 million students from the US and around the world thinking of enrolling for the first...

2 min read

Troove Gets Rich!

Release Date: For Immediate Release

Troove Hires Amber Rich as its new Head of Business Development

Burlington, VT....

2 min read

US News Now Ranks America's Best.... Pants

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE... "No matter who you are, what you’re doing in your pants, or where you’re doing it, these pants...

2 min read

Your School's Most Valuable, Least Used Asset

American colleges and universities have been admitting, educating, and graduating students for 385 years. There are...


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