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Campus Pioneer Program

Troove is a new software company that’s created a better, more modern approach to getting into (and staying in) college. Like a dating app for college admissions, Troove uses new data from recent college graduates and current college students like you to help new students find the schools where they’re going to fit in best, in and out of the classroom.


When you were applying, wouldn’t it have been helpful to have a simple, reliable way to instantly understand your fit with the academic and social cultures of different colleges before you applied? And shouldn’t that fit be driven by the people who really know schools - the people who go (and have recently gone) there?


Well now’s your chance to help get Troove at your school and get paid up to $1,000 at the same time! Troove is a service your college admissions office can sign up for, but we need your help to get it adopted by your school. With just a small amount of your time, you can be involved with a tech startup, have a 100% flexible, high paying job, and help change an industry in desperate need of improvement.


What would you do with an extra $1,000 this semester?


  1. Claim your school by filling out this form (be first and we’ll give you a 30-day school exclusive!)
  2. Get 100 classmates to sign our Change.org petition asking your school to use Troove
  3. Get your Admissions office to agree to a meeting with Troove, (we’ll tell you who we want to meet), get paid $250!


  1. Come to the meeting with the Troove rep (probably the CEO), present the petition, and answer any student questions if asked (low pressure!)
  2. Keep checking in with Admissions to stay top of mind with them, maybe get more petition signatures, help Troove be the “squeaky wheel”!
  3. When your school signs up for Troove, you get paid another $500!


  1. Promote Troove 2X on your own social channels, however you want, nothing forced, just tag us
  2. Check in with the Admissions office once a week (for 2 minutes!) to make sure they start using Troove in their marketing (we’ll explain this once you join the program)
  3. When your school uses Troove in their marketing the first time, you get paid another $250!

It’s really that simple. Spend a few hours helping Troove to (finally!) modernize college admissions, be part of a cool startup, help change an industry forever, and make some good cash. 

And here’s one more kicker… you can add this to your resume! It’ll sound something like this:

Troove Campus Pioneer, Fall Semester, 2023 - led campus engagement for tech startup; secured campus sale of new software service modernizing college admissions; drove student involvement; secured meeting with Admissions office, helped close sale, and activated service on campus.

If you’re ready to “Troove It!” at your school, please complete this quick form to secure your rights to your school. We’re excited to work with you!


Program Contact:

David Hurwitt

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